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Dopo laggiornamento non riesce più ha scaricare niente,dopo che ho pagato labbonamento.

Huge DOWNGRADE From a Formerly Great App

What a huge disappointment! I used to go to the old app daily. I also subscribe to the magazine. This new app is so bad and so utterly useless... I will un-install it. I’m so disappointed I may cancel the magazine subscription as well. Whoever came up with the strategy behind this new approach for the app should be fired.


I received a free subscription and transferred it to digital. Received a confirmation that it had been converted and downloaded the app. There is no way to login. I have a username (email address) but the app wants a password. I didn’t receive one. There isn’t a password when I login with my subscription credentials at the support site. There is no password reset option. So I have a subscription to something I cannot read. Glad I didn’t waste money on this.


The worse paid subscription apps I have experienced. Maz seems not to get that there is a problem. The publisher seems not to care if the customer receives what is paid for.

Has anyone at Esquire heard of Apple?

Shockingly terrible app. Clearly designed by people who still use flip phones.

What have you done?

I renewed my digital subscription after about a year-long break. I was sorry to find the once feature-rich and engaging digital editions had been tossed aside and replaced with soulless page scans. I can’t even revisit my old issues in the format I loved and remembered. Instead, they too have been stripped bare. What remains is lifeless. Stay away or stick to print. It’s not worth the dollar to have both.

Unbelievably poor app experience

The app experience is so poor, it makes it impossible to enjoy the magazine. This app used to be great, now it’s unintuitive.


Embarrassing. What used to be a terrific immersive experience that defined how a magazine can be brought to life has now been dumbed down to the extreme. If you are thinking of going digital for Esquire, don’t do it. The app does not work. And when it does do something other than show you the cover, you are barraged by ads. I don’t know who made the decision to make this incredibly stupid change. Cancelling my subscription.

Fundamentally broken

Can’t turn pages, can’t view full screen, back button shows table of contents unexpectedly but fails to work. Terrible.

Pages won’t load

Occasionally a page won’t load and I must shut down the app and restart to get the page to appear.

iPad app doesn’t work properly

Can’t switch between articles in March 2018 issue, please fix the app!!!


Poor design, awful UX, buggy, unable to use. App is awful. No response to multiple outreach. RIP Esquire.

Iphone x support pls!!!

Dear developers, please add iphone x support to your otherwise excellent iphone app! On a different note: the news section seems cumbersome and not intuitive in its current form, perhaps you could show as a list with smaller icons?! Anyway, good luck with the developement!

Once the gold standard of digital media. A plead for the Esquire of old.

Once, Esquire Magazine was the pioneer of digital media. Their digital magazine was a thing of beauty and a delight to read. Images sprang to life, text was searchable and interactive and consumption of the text and inserted media was fluid and wonderful. What a great experience it once was. Recently, Esquire has chosen to abandon it's excellence in digital media for the no better published PDF "app", Maz. The so called magazine platform does nothing more than publish an image of the magazine page. No more interactive text. No more flowing articles. Just crappy, unscaled images that do nothing but open hyperlinks to ads. You're better off purchasing the paper copy. From a long time Esquire reader who found joy in Esquire's transition to digital and pursuit to be better than the other publications.... Be better than the PDF.


I have been unable for 9 months to see the magazine yet my subscription is fully paid . Written to HelpDesk no luck, do something already

Iron out the bugs

I can’t imagine anyone at Esquire reads the digital edition, or they’d demand it gets fixed. The UI and navigation are CONSTANTLY coming up and interrupting the page, and it’s often difficult to get them to hide again. Still four stars because it’s better than the no-offline-mode-GQ and they give you the awesome Esquire Big Black Book free with a subscription. But fix it.

Okay when it works!

I enjoy reading this way versus the print, the layout is great. However, pages often freeze up and prevent my from scrolling down. I restart the app and delete the issue and re download it but nothing seems to work. It eventually fixes itself but very frustrating when I'm mid article.

I truly enjoy Esquire

I would, however, like an update on the app from iTunes if there were a way to enlarge the print. Otherwise, the magazine is wonderful and I look forward to a new issue each month. I will definitely renew my subscription.

Additional charge to print subscribers for digital edition is ridiculous!

For a while, the digital edition came free with your current print subscription. Now, they're asking for an additional $10 ON TOP of the $30 paid for the regular magazine!?! For a start, why the sudden change? Also, Esquire is a good read, but not worth pay $40 for the "full reading experience". The bait 'n' switch is a downright slap in the face toward its longtime print readers, and a blatant greedy money grab. If Esquire doesn't return the digital edition free for its print subscribers, I'm pretty sure I'll just not renew come the next billing cycle. Shame on you, Esquire and Hearst.

Charged me after I canceled my subscription

I canceled my subscription and Esquire charged me anyway.


....and still hasn't been updated for the 12.9" iPad Pro.

Version 5.4.0 Crashing

New version of the app won't open.

Latest Update is Crashing

Update received today, 11/11, is crashing.

Good reading experience

The app stays out of the way, allowing me to read and experience the magazine, which is exactly what I want in a magazine app.


I'm not sure what gives, but I can't see any edition -let alone download- anything since April. This is despite me having an active subscription until the end of the year. The same thing keeps happening no matter how many times I uninstalled and redownloaded the app. This is totally unacceptable. Apple, I need you to do something about this, because otherwise it's just plain robbery.

My subscription

I subscribed for a digital version of the magazine from June to July this year and I did not get any download. I have deleted and done a new download of the app, same thing happened.

I miss Granger

The first "Man at His Best" article in the Oct 2016 issue has four or five paragraphs repeated in the middle of it. This type of sloppy bs didn't occur when David Granger topped the masthead. Esquire, I've loved you for a long, long time (subscriber since 2002) but I think the to time we take a break.

To Be A Man's Man

For the tomes when we lose sight of what it means and takes to be a man, Esquire is there.

Too political and liberal

I used to love getting the magazine. Now I get daily emails and there is always some article about US politics. I get enough political commentary from the news - I don't need an email everyday with only a liberal slant. I've canceled the renewal. Too bad Esquire took this path,

The next era of Esquire... it's excellent

New editor, new era as the drum beats on. Great issue.

I expect the whole magazine... Not part of it.

The magazine is always great. However I want the entire issue when I download it... Sitting on a flight with blurred pages defeats the point of downloading to my iPad for a flight. A waste of my time and money. Fix this partial download thing and it's back to 5 stars.

Credit Where Credit is Due

I was about to post a negative review, highlighting the same issues as other complainants. Upon opening the app today, all was back as it should be. All previous purchases were restored, and I could download the April edition. Kudos for fixing the glitch so quickly.

Fail then success

Lovely interface when the app works. iTunes wouldn't recognize my subscription and could not restore purchases. Purchases restored in 24 hours thanks to Hearst customer support. Thanks.

5 yrs of issues wiped out

I was trying to download the new April 2016 issue when the app kept asking me to purchase it, even though I have an iTunes subscription. I followed the FAQ suggestion and deleted the app then re-downloaded it. I clicked restore purchases then ... Only two issues from 2012 populated. All my issues from the last 5 years are gone. Not happy.


What is the point of this app? I have to download it every single time. No internet on your iPad? Can't read anything. Best you can do is save to a third party app, Instapaper or Pocket. Garbage.


Come on Apple - ban this app. It doesn't download and there is no help available.

It won’t even open!

Even after many attempts including removing it and restoring the app I can’t get past a blank screen that just says “Esquire” There appears to be no opportunity of receiving support. A complete waste of money, which is a pity as I have really enjoyed the magazine having been a subscriber to the print magazine for 30 years and the digital for about 4 years


Love this app and love the digital edition. Crisp, clear, and full of extra stuff that you get with just a tap on the screen. Not to mention no clutter. It's obvious a lot of work goes into giving each page another 1 or 2 pages of additional material, not just to show we can, but to add to the experience.

This is a great app

Love the interface, even free content is great to go through

Used to be four stars now one

How can anyone think no online is a good idea? I have a wifi only iPad and don't always have a connection. It also makes things just generally feel less fluid.

No offline reading?

Can't believe we can't read offline. Big step back for this app. I will give zero stars if possible.

Why remove the ability to read offline?

As smart phones and tablets have hit storage capacities of 128GB+ I am disappointed that the app now does a basic low-res outline and then insists on downloading each page separately. It has gotten better with wi-fi access on planes and some commuter trains but a full download would be preferable. So 3 out of 5. Change back to a full download it will be 5 out of 5.

I like it. Good reading to improve your life.

Easy reading, good information.


I have subscribed to Esquire for consistently for about a decade (along with other magazines, Rolling Stone, GQ, etc...) and I have never been more disappointed than I have been with my experience of attempting to read this magazine from their iPad App. It's sad because content wise I find them to be one of the best butt your content matters very little if you can't read their magazine. I switched over to a digital subscription 2 years ago and since switching have had nothing but problems; unlike their counterparts at GQ where not only do you get free digital access with you print edition (not the case the Esquire) but I have never had an issue with being able to view my most recent issues. Can resolve before they lose anther subscriber.Very disappointing.

Turns off my music

Don't do that. I want to listen to what I want to listen to while I'm reading.

Download Hell #2

the new version is impossible. Download never completes and starts over and over. Please go back to the old version!!!

Downloading issue - can't read issues

This new version is awful for downloading the issue. I'm home on wifi with a full signal and it still won't download the whole issue - it's been 5 minutes. Also bad for offline use when I want to read the article on the train - there's no content to read.


I have been a subscriber to the digital edition for six months. I've only ever been able to download one issue. The FAQs don't help and nothing I try helps. Money down the drain!

Esquire app

A little glitchy. Could be smoother.

Can't Access Existing Subscriptions - only buy new one

This app does allow for accessing an existing subscription It ONLY has option to buy a new subscription

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