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The new version is not working well. It crashes every time i tap into an issue.

Better than before!

App runs much smoother than before in the meantime, and I must admit that some of the issues I had experienced were related to too much content on my 64 GB iPad, so I must apologize for my too harsh critique on the app a few months ago. Looks great now on the iPad 3.

No need for this app

I dont understand what happened. I used to download issues with no problems up until April when this app was introduced and now the issues will not download. Please fix this app or go back to the previous method of distribution!

Watch out!

I paid for a yearly subscription a week ago and am still waiting on some customer support because the iPad app does not recognize me as a subscriber and so I cant download the latest issue. No problems with any of the other magazine apps Ive paid for so Id suggest looking elsewhere for now...

No benefit for print subscribers

Unlike the GQ app, Esquire does not provide free access to current print subscribers.


Can you read the past issues for free? Or do u get charged? Great that u can read past issues free. If only other mags did this...(are u listening Mens Heath)

Not free for print subscribers?

Hey Hearst! Time and Conde Nast give print subscribers free iPad versions. When are you going to wake up and do likewise? Nobody is going to pay twice if they already subscribe to the print editions. Oh yeah, and why is it so expensive for digital subs compared to print versions anyway

Subscription screw up

It is same with me. Purchased subscription and it doesnt recognize me. Emailed support several times with no response. Seems pretty shady. It has happened with number of subscribers. Will Hearst ever respond?

Well, it used to work...

The app crashes whenever I try to open an issue. Deleted, reinstalled, restored purchases, and more of the same. Frustrating as this was the app that convinced me that magazines were viable on the iPad. Looking forward to an update that resolves this issues.

Downloaded subscription does not work!

Although I very much enjoy the magazine... I have to give this app a total thumbs down. Nothing would load on 2x attempts of trying to view September and Octobers issues! I want my money back on the months that I paid for!!

Resorting issues stores subscription.

The update seems to delete your subscription history as well. Chose the restore issues option and sign in. restoring the previous issues also restores subscription details and all is then good.

Ios5 version is crap.

If the new version cant be fixed in a week maybe you should go back to the old one

Does not work!

I downloaded the app and bought a 12 month subscription... Most of the time the app says does not recognize me as being a subscriber AND I have NOT been able to download a magazine!!! I even try resetting my iPad as instructed. I have been using the Popsci app that works FLAWLESSLY.

Has bugs

I purchased my first issue and the app keeps crashing when I try to open the issue. My iPad 2 is fully up to date. Either we need an app update or I will need my $5 back very soon.

Has stopped working since iOS5

Was fine before. Now crashes on startup since >1 week. Useless paid yearly subscription. Technically this is robbery.

Download doesnt work.

Paid for a subscription and app crashes every time you try to load the magazine. Fix it or give us our money back.

Terrible App

A total ripoff for print subscribers. Your competitors support their core customer base, and you instead choose to alienate them.

Doesnt download

Dont spend your money on this unless they fix the app. I have tried repeatedly to download the most recent issue with no success. I read their FAQ and they seem to know about the issue but the fix doesnt work. It just keeps saying "waiting".

Terrible app

Dont buy this app!! It doesnt import previously purchased issues from the old app, which did not move over into newsstand. So I broke down and purchased a one year subscription for $20. Then that hung up and wouldnt download issues into Newsstand. So, as the FAQ advises, I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Now it doesnt recognise that I even have a subscription, and wants me to purchase another subscription or purchase individual issues! This is the buggiest, worst app ever! Andcthey dont amswer mail sent to customer service or offer any fix.

Doesnt work

Echoing comments seen here: it doesnt download, and previously downloaded copies keep crashing. Good magazine, poorly developed application that fails to live up to the quality of the publication.

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